So, where are you from?

It’s a big, empty world out there. From the tangled natural landscapes of the Wilds, to the barren radioactive plains of the Wastes, to the great Cities hidden behind their tall walls, everyone had to come from somewhere. Your character is no different. Depending on where your character was born and raised, they’ll have different beliefs, equipment, and skills. While it doesn’t determine everything about them, where they come from effects who they are, whether they want it to or not.

The Civillian: Born and raised behind high walls

Civillians, or Civs as they’re more commonly known, are people who live in the walled cities dotting the landscape. Thanks to those walls, Civs don’t face nearly as many dangers as those born in the Wilds or the Wastes. As well, they are granted the luxuries of city living: schooling, medical care, electricity, and clean water. They have more time for intellectual pursuits and the arts, and most of the world’s new scientists and doctors come from amongst their ranks. However, due to the safety afforded them by their walls, most Civs don’t bother learning more than the most rudimentary combat skills, and most are unprepared for the physical and mental hardships that can be found beyond the city.
There are two Civillian Origins:

The Wastelander: Hard men in a hard land

Wastelanders are those souls unlucky enough to be born in one of the worst environments on the planet. Plagued by radiation and remnants of the virus that decimated the human race, the Wastes are an empty and unforgiving land, populated only by ruins and vicious, mutated beasts. Most people in the Wastes are scavengers, moving from place to place in search of weapons, food, and other useful materials. Living in such a harsh environnment, most learn how to fight, and fight well, at a relatively young age. As well, they have the skills – and the genetics – they need to survive in the Wastes, being able to resist more disease and greater amounts of radiation than others. There are few human beings in the Wastes, though, and Wastelanders often have a hard time interacting with others, whether they’re friend or foe.
There are three Wastelander Origins:

The Wilder: Returning to nature

Wilders live in the lands reclaimed by mother Earth, tangled woods and ruined cities overrun by wild grasses. While not as entirely unforgiving as the Wastes, the Wilds still have their dangers: Wilders learn early not only how to hunt, but how to hide from hunters, the beasts and feral men that share the land with them. This makes them quick of eye and foot, but often at the cost of sheer brute strength. Many choose to form small communities for protection, and the Wilds are dotted with small settlements and farms, as well as travelling caravans that facillitate some manner of trade between them. Others choose to make their homes in the ruins of old cities, using the infrastructure of the old world to start building anew. Wherever they make their homes, they become masters of their environment, or die at its hands.
There are three Wilder Origins:


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